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All we have N.O.W. No Opportunity Wasted with Angelica Ross, a weekly podcast and a movement focused on making the most out of life’s opportunities and challenges, right now!!  Each week, listen to Angelica Ross unfiltered and unapologetic as she dives into deep discussion on everything from politics to pop culture with world leaders, celebrities and everyday people who share their wisdom, guidance, and joy from real, personal, lived experience. Listeners also have the opportunity to seek guidance and encouragement.  Whether you’re facing a personal crossroads or a professional challenge, Angelica Ross is here to lend her support from a 40-something, Black, Buddhist perspective.  Tune in Monday’s on any podcast platform!

The PersonalPh.D.

With The Personal PhD I will teach you how to win in your life not just from what I’ve learned from studying various spiritual texts, but what I have learned in real life experience and putting these very tools into practice.

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