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This song started out on the acoustic guitar.  I sat on a stool in the open living room and just began playing.  No words, No melody, just a band of chords that seemed to be speaking my heart for me.  I had a lot of hard decisions ahead of me.  I knew it, but I wasn’t quite sure if I was strong enough to endure it all.  And then the words came…

Verse 1:
When the ground beneath me, starts to shake
I start to thinkin’, I just might break
Won’t you stop me, from thinkin’ of jumpin’?
‘Cause I’m hangin’ on the verge of somethin’


That’s why I want you here
Please don’t disappear
I don’t need you to figure out what’s wrong
I just need you, to be strong.


Just be Strong (Baby just be strong for me) (repeat 2x)

Verse 2:

It ain’t been easy, but we made it this far.
Love’s been a battlefield, and I’ve got the scars.
So let me heal them, and reveal them
‘Cause I know he sent your love, to heal them


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