Diversity Action Plans (DAP, for short) use business strategies to empower tangible, measureable impact when it comes to inclusion. Through activities that use your own data and employee insights, DAPs empower your team to do their best work, providing end-to-end advice and guidance to walk you through the project. Whether it’s making the business case, understanding your corporate environment, selling an inclusion project to executives, or handling implementation and obstacles along the way, DAP is your resource and partner.

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Who Are These Action Plans For?

HR/People Managers

  • HR directors who are working towards a diverse and inclusive workforce
  • People managers who want to build better working environments for all employees

Business Leaders

  • Small business owners who want a competitive talent advantage
  • Large enterprise leaders who want to access new talent and customer markets

What you’ll accomplish with this DAP:

  • A comprehensive understanding of how your corporate environment supports – or hinders – all employees
  • An action roadmap to build inclusive environments in your organization
  • Robust metrics to track progress
  • The ability to educate coworkers, executives, and the your customers/clients about trans inclusion in a non-confrontational way


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