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“I gave you my heart now, I need it.  ‘Cause right now, I feel defeated.  And I know, it’s because I’m heartless.  Feels like i’m not giving my all.  It’s so hard to stand up, when I fall.  And I know it’s because I’m heartless.”

Verse 1:

I gave my heart way too fast,
And he never gave it back
So now he calls me heartless
‘Cause I can’t feel him anymore

I’ve moved on Sail Away
It’s so hard to feel this way

Gave you my heart now I need it
‘Cause Right Now, I feel defeated
And it’s all because I’m heartless

It feels like I’m not giving my all
It’s so hard to stand up when I fall
And I know it’s because I’m heartless

Verse 2:

It’s Okay…if it’s broken/
‘Cause I’ll find a way to heal
and let it go
I still love you baby, but it’s time
I love me more
I can’t just leave it open…
I’ve gotta close the door

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