His Place

We drove down I-95 in a black Nissan Pathfinder that to me felt like stepping into a carriage and my prince was always there at the door offering his hand to help me get in and out. We were headed to his condo in Boca.  A worn visor with a fish embroidered on the front hung from the rear view mirror, along with a simple black rope necklace with a bear claw as a pendant.  His thick black hair was tight on the sides and slightly long on the top, just long enough for a girl to understand that he was a lover, not a fighter.  Most days he wore black boots, light blue denim jeans and a simple Hane’s white tank top exposing a mural of ink on his arms and chest, that made him look like a italian playboy.  You would have never guessed he was a Doctor.  My mother would be so proud.  She always said that we should either become a doctor or marry one.

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I rolled down the window as we approached the exit for Palmetto Park Road on I-95.  Palm trees lined the exit leading us to what I hoped would be just the beginning of my new life.  I was only 45 minutes away from home, but it felt like I was on a vacation.  The truth is, I was and I wondered how long it would last.  My pink duffel bag was packed for two days, but I could have easily packed 2 more suitcases and been ready to move in as Mrs. Dr. Vincent Cardano.

You could smell the ocean in the air as we approached A1A along the beach.  I had no clue where we were going.  This would be my first time seeing where he lived.  He had been to my place, but they both agreed it would be quieter at his place.  Plus I wanted to be as far from work as possible, if only for just a few days.

“We’re here” he said as he made a left turn into the complex.  At the end of the street was a dock with a few small boats and jet skis.  I wasn’t much for the water.  Being a black woman with relaxed hair I avoided all extra curricular activities that involved water or humidity.  That meant no beaches, and no sports.  I’m dark skinned and naturally thin so tanning or working out were never a concern for me.  My hair fell behind my shoulders and landed in the center of my back in almost a perfect silky V.  Although it looked extremely natural, only half of it was mine, the other half came no doubt from a woman in India, but it was 100% Human, and Dr. V didn’t have the slightest clue that I wore extensions.  That’s what I call him sometimes when we’re in bed together.

We walked into the lobby and pressed the button to call the elevator.  A man and a woman were getting off and each had their own reaction to the hot interracial couple walking past them.  The older gentleman had a sort of way to go grin on his face, and the woman seem to just be trying to hide her disapproval, but the turned up noise gave her away.

The elevator dropped us off at the 15th floor. He unlocked the front door, and as the door swung open, a flood of light drowned us both coming from the sliding patio doors directly across from the entrance.  The white blinds were drawn open to a view of the dock and the inter coastal lined with condos, boats and million dollar homes.


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