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Your influence is spiritual, I have honestly been in shock every since that day, because you have played such a huge part in my spiritual development. I couldn’t trust the church anymore “I’d be starving if I ate all the lies they fed”. And even though your message wasn’t specific to issues dealing with transgender or gay and lesbian, I knew your message was universal. And that it was all of our responsibilities to do the hard work and search our own hearts and souls first when it comes to fulfillment or blame. I am starting to know myself, to love myself, and to honour myself. You are a gift to us all. And I’ll always support anything you do because I know that the intentions behind them are PURE. Meeting you has helped me believe in my dreams more. I carry your spirit with me because I know every lyric and every lick (being able to do them as well as you is a different story) but I know them like confirmations. I can’t wait for you to Open the Door for the rest of the world, and for those who were not there that night.

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