No More

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“No More” – music and lyrics by Angelica Ross  Download the song for FREE below

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No more was written about about an ex, while I was still with him. I think I was just trying to tell myself, “No more, lying, no more crying, no more fighting…no more.” I loved him deeply, but I could no longer settle for “passing” as happy, as normal, when things were everything but. Yes there were plenty of happy moments, but always a film of untruth over the picture we portrayed. I wanted more authenticity that he could not offer. Writing this song helped me realize I deserved a better experience of love.


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Angelica Ross

Angelica Ross is an award-winning and Emmy-nominated Actress, Producer, Writer, Human Rights Advocate, Singer Songwriter and star of POSE and American Horror Story on FX and Broadway's Chicago. She's also the Founder of TransTech, an incubator for LGBTQIA+ Talent from marginalized communities and President of Miss Ross Inc.