A Talk with Trinity

Miss Ross Joins Trans United Fund

I have been asked by many organizations to join their board, but as the founder of TransTech Social Enterprises, my time and resources are very limited. However, it was this conversation with Trinity that truly compelled me to join the Trans United Fund as a Board member, after I really got to experience their compassion at work.

The response has been incredible. So far, 3.3 million views on facebook in just four days with over 232,657 people engaging with the ad itself (sharing, liking or commenting.) But the responses from families and trans people all over the country has been the most powerful, so many people felt so alone and so isolated, many of the most powerful responses came from trans people of color and in particular families of color with trans family members. Many shared that they had simply never seen themselves reflected ever, anywhere.

Unfortunately, Trinity was introduced to how cruel people can be with their comments and learned the first lesson many of us have learned in never reading the comment section! When we were chatting, I told Trinity how beautiful she was and how she reminded me of Serena Williams.

I also told Trinity that even Serena, a cis woman, has been called a  man, but that when black women dare to be bold and strong, our womanhood is usually under attack.  I went on to affirm for Trinity just how special she really is.

Trans United also has a 501(c)3 arm that helps Trans led organizations like Trans tech build capacity and strengthen our leadership as well as change hearts and minds. If you’d like to contribute to the c3, contributions are 100% tax deductible