"I Am...I Am Not..." Jen Richards and Miss Ross on OWN TV!

“I Am…I Am Not…”

Recently, Jen Richards and I were stopped by OWN TV Cameras and asked to answer a few questions.  Watch the videos below to see our answers.

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Angelica Ross:  “I Am Light…and what I am not is my past, I am not the mistakes my family made.  I don’t have to carry on something into my future.”

Jen Richards:  “Geez, how am I suppose to follow that?  Umm….I’m grateful.  And…I’m not done yet.”

“If I had One Dance Left…”

Angelica Ross:  “For me it would be you (Jen Richards)…Well when someone understands me the way that you do, I think my last dance, my very last dance I would want to wrap it up with you ”

Jen Richards:  “Awww…so sweet…I’d go with Baryshnikov.”


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