Que Sara, Sara Ramirez

In this conversation, Angelica Ross discusses various topics with Sara Ramirez, including finding direction in life, the importance of authenticity, and the challenges of being in the entertainment industry. They also touch on personal experiences and the power of reclaiming oneself. The conversation highlights the significance of healing in community and the pursuit of enlightenment. The key takeaway is to embrace authenticity, confront oppressive systems, and strive for personal growth and self-worth.

Raquel Willis


5 Apr 2024

The Risk it Takes to Bloom with Raquel Willis

Raquel talks about the significance of storytelling in creating understanding and empathy, to the empowerment found in facing and overcoming life's challenges.

Angelica Ross

R.K. Russell


26 Mar 2024

The Yards Between Us with R.K. Russell

In this conversation, R.K. Russell discusses the importance of activism and creating change through speaking out, protesting, and challenging systems.

Angelica Ross

Tre'vell Anderson


25 Mar 2024

We See Each Other with Tre’vell Anderson

In this episode Angelica Ross discusses various topics including spirituality, gender politics, journalism, and the importance of seeing and valuing each other with author Tre'vell Anderson.

Angelica Ross

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