“We are not the problem. We are the solution. It’s time corporate America recognize the value in the trans community”

This year I had the privilege of delivering the 2015 Keynote for HRC’s CEI Awards acknowledging 366 companies who received a 100% score, based on their commitment to LGBT equality in their corporate mission and actions. While thanking them for their progress, I emphasized the fact that we’ve just begun to do the work, and that policies don’t create change, people do.   My speech was a call to action for corporations to transition from allies to advocates, taking action to open doors and opportunities for the trans community.

Thanks to our Doug Sanborn and our partners at MillerCoors.  TransTech Social Enterprises is able to continue the work of training and developing LGBTQ professionals.

Feeling inspired? Find out today how you can get involved with TransTech Social Enterprises and support our mission!


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